Based in Tysons, Virginia, Contexture services the entire DMV metropolitan and suburban areas. We specialize in architecture and interior architecture, however, our true specialty is problem solving.


We are experts at understanding who you are in order to deliver a space for you that is a true answer to your design problems.



Our design approach is based on context. Our clients and their needs are the circumstances that form the setting for our projects and our ideas.

We thrive in the world of context because within context, abstract ideas come to life.


He was a referral from a contractor that we initially hired. We ended up unloading the contractor and continuing with Harold. I appreciate more of what he was able to do and provide in a really bad situation. He showed his true colors as a gentleman and. a professional and his ability to make something happen. He did a great job. He went above and beyond for me, Harold knew I was in a challenging situation. I’m very thankful to have a person like him work with me.